Excellent Prospects for Professionals

Experienced Professionals are always welcome at SGL Group in China. As a global leading producer of carbon materials, we offer optimum working conditions for qualified workers, specialists, experts and managers. Whether you are a Sales Engineer, Project Manager, HR Specialist, Purchasing Supervisor or Technician, there are many prospects open to you in the organization. You will enjoy a host of development opportunities both within and beyond your specialist field, and will be able to develop your skills through varied programs and training activities.

With a wide range of online, in-house, external and on-the-job learning opportunities, our employees are well equipped with the right skills and capabilities to execute company’s strategy and deliver the best performance. Personal training courses are designed to help an employee build cross-functional competencies and leadership skills. It’s up to you: You can choose to follow a career path as either a specialist or a people manager. In SGL Group in China organization, you don't just have a job – you have a career.

By supporting individual growth among our employees, we are not only providing unique opportunities for them to achieve their professional and personal goals – we are also developing future generations of leaders for SGL Group in China.

5 reasons why experienced professionals and managers come on board with us:

  • Broad Products Portfolio

  • Global Perspective

  • Unique leadership

  • High qualified colleagues

  • Diversified career path